PlayStation Access

Amplify give back to PlayStation's core fans: the gamers...


The face of gaming is always changing, so Amplify were challenged to develop a platform that gives back to PlayStation's fans and equips them with the tools to act as ambassadors to the wider community.


Over the past ten years, gaming has changed dramatically. What was once considered the preserve of teenage boys has become a genuinely family-friendly pastime that spans generations and genders, but that doesn't mean leaving core fans behind.


Create a space that builds a community, allowing PlayStation to have conversations with fans and helps fans connect with each other.

PlayStation Access.

A Facebook and YouTube based hub, supported by regular offline events. PlayStation Access provides everything a core gamer could need, from the latest trailers and images, to behind-the-scenes updates and developer sessions. The platform has proved such a success that it has been expanded into magazine and TV formats, and is considered instrumental for all major launches.

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