Mascots Anonymous

Amplify + Bite Back launched Mascots Anonymous, a dark comic film highlighting the misleading tactics used in the marketing of HFSS foods...


Bite Back challenged Amplify to raise awareness of the misleading strategies used in junk food marketing in an informative and entertaining way.

Mascots Anonymous

Explores what happens when the mascots created to sell junk food start to come to terms with the lies they have told and the damage they've done. Brilliantly written and directed by Ruth Sewell, this darkly comic piece features characters including aging and plump super hero Jim, one-time star of a global burger joint; alongside washed up whisky swigging Hank, still famous for his fried chicken houses that fed billions of families.

tragic mascots

The film uses humour to raise serious issues and call into question the deliberate and misleading tactics used by food companies to sell high fat, salt and sugar products to children. As the tragic mascots reflect on the part they have played in this manipulation, they reveal truths about the industry that will disturb even audiences who think they’re aware of the practices.