World of Magic

Amplify + Google bring the magic of photography to Piccadilly for Pixel 6


Magic Eraser is Pixel’s most searched for feature. The tool allows users to capture 
moments as they remember them, without pesky distractions or unwanted photobombers. 
We were challenged to bring the magic of the technology to life and show consumers 
what the feature was capable of.

Insight + Strategy

A high-tech feature exclusively for everyone

Removing objects from photographs typically requires sophisticated editing tools and know-how. Magic eraser democratizes professional photo editing, giving people creative control over their photographs.


Google Pixel 6 presents World of Magic

A magical place where the nation’s most erased objects can live their best lives. The opportunity to creatively world-build around a specific feature was a unique one.

We created an experience that brought the innovative ‘Magic Eraser’ technology to life, showing consumers how they could use the technology in real life whilst also celebrating the joy of the things that had been magically erased from photos. The approach to the space was, therefore to create two distinct but connected worlds.

The experience showed people how they could use the technology in ‘real-life’ and celebrated the ‘after-life’ of the magically erased items, in a dream-like space that sparked people’s curiosity.

The World of Magic

Telling the product story in myriad ways; delving into the science powering Magic Eraser, and showing the feature in action, all whilst also bringing to life the creative possibilities the technology unlocks, from the functional to the fantastical.