Drinkable Selfies

Amplify + Lavazza give those waiting at Wimbledon a much-needed boost...


Amplify were challenged to help Lavazza make the most of their minor sponsorship deal at Wimbledon, working to a tight budget.

Insight + Strategy

We looked for the relevant cultural touchpoint to bring Lavazza and their target audience together. Known for its long waits and lively atmosphere, Wimbledon™s infamous queue felt like the perfect fit. We knew that patient queue goers deserved something special for enduring hours of standing. It was also the ideal opportunity to encourage tennis fans to spend time engaging with Lavazza.

Take a quintessentially British quirk, queuing, to a creative new level, delivering an experience that translated both on the ground and as shareable social media content.


Lavazza's Drinkable Selfies.

Capitalising on the Wimbledon queue to engage with coffee lovers across the event, Amplify managed a world first - a collaboration between Lavazza, and the innovators behind ‘The Ripple Maker’™. We helped Lavazza make use of this breakthrough technology and print detailed photographs or written-messages straight onto the foam of cappuccinos and lattes.

We invited the hordes of tennis fans facing the lengthy Wimbledon queues to visit the Lavazza stand for a complementary coffee, with the added surprise of having their selfies printed onto their drink. Turning their favourite coffee into a memorable and original experience, whilst driving social engagement and achieving high sampling numbers.

As Andy Murray was a bit busy (and expensive!) we got the next best thing - his mum. We rounded up Judy Murray plus Toni Nadal and Carlos Moyá for some frothy snaps and an extra dusting of star power.