Travel the Realms

Amplify + PlayStation capture the imagination of God of War fans...


How can you capture the imagination of action gamers and God of War fans around the world to drive excitement and anticipation for the launch of the latest instalment of the iconic series?

You create a global experience that plunges them into norse mythological worlds and into the heart of Ragnarök.

Insight + Strategy

Driving fame and anticipation

Exploration is one of the core themes of God of War Ragnarök. Exploration of self, of family, of destiny and the epic norse environments. With this campaign we wanted to express these narrative themes through stand out experiences that could scale across territories, driving fame and reaching beyond core gamers, into the cultural mainstream aiming to intercept people in their everyday life.


Travel the Realms

We transported audiences around the world into Fimbulwinter with immersive, exploratory OOH media takeovers.

We brought the in-game environments into our world for commuters and fans to travel across 26 locations in 14 different countries, to explore and get excited about the release of the game.

From train wraps to station tunnel takeovers to special build props, we worldbuilt around the IP, bringing the otherworldly magic of the realms to stations across the world, before inviting players to follow in the footsteps of protagonists Kratos and Atreus and ‘Travel the Realms’ across 4 of the different game Realms - Midgard, Svartalfheim, Muspelheim and Niflheim each with its own unique environment.