La Casa De Papel: El Legado

Amplify + Netflix celebrate the Money Heist cultural legacy with a global live stream talk-show style event…


The Money Heist ( La Casa De Papel in Spanish) hit series was coming to an end after five seasons of high-octane drama and Netflix wanted to bring fans from all over the world close to their most loved show and give them a once-in-a-lifetime experience prior to the release of the second part of the final season.

Insight + Strategy

The series is one of the most viewed shows on Netflix in the world and what makes it more than just a show, is the resistance: the people around the world who discovered it and have made it their own.

The fervour of the fans is the motor that drove the success of the series since its launch in 2017 and it was time to recognise and celebrate them. Our mission was to create a fun-packed, emotional and interactive event for the global fandom community, where they could see and interact with their beloved actors, whilst watching exclusive content around the show.


La Casa De Papel: El Legado

Amplify launched a globally streamed online talk-show style event straight out of Madrid, gathering the entire cast and creators for one final memorable moment before the release of Part 5 Vol.2. The event took place at Palacio Vistalegre, one of the city's largest arenas, gathering 5,000 devoted fans, VIPs and celebrities, and was live streamed into nine different languages.

The day kicked off with a press conference hosted by Spanish TV presenter Isabel Vázquez, for which we designed a small stage backdrop inspired by the look and feel of the bank vault featured in seasons 3-5, filled with gold bar props from the series.

A fews hours before the main event, we created a red carpet moment in attendance with local press, where the talent were invited to walk in front of a 20m-long 3D style photocall wall, representing patterns of the Professor's origami bird.

Throughout the day, thousands of fans started gathering outside the venue, where they could see projections appearing on the brutalist architecture and an army of protagonists dressed in the famous red boiler suit and Dali mask, positioned on the roof of the building, whilst police-style searchlights were scanning the facade, creating the biggest and boldest premiere. Doors opened to the public at 7:15pm and people had the opportunity to immortalise the moment in front of a large scale photocall installation with a 4m high sculptural version of the origami bird.

The main live stream event kicked off at 9:30pm, with a live performance from Cecilia Krull, singer of the series’ theme song, and was hosted by Spanish TV presenter Ainhoa Arbizu. The audience and members of the cast were immersed in a striking stage structure inspired by the Bank of Spain architecture, drawing the imagery of the series’ credits directly into the stage design, whilst offering a dynamic and visually arresting broadcast ready backdrop.

Physical guests and online viewers were entertained with a 90 min long on-stage programme packed with special moments, surprises and exclusive content such as guest appearances from Ed Sheeran and Latin American pop singer Becky G plus a preview of the series upcoming spin off show, Berlin. The event finished with a spectacular moment on stage with the entire cast and a choir singing the popular Bella Ciao song from the series, whilst the audience was rained on by a shower of Dali mask-branded bank notes.