PS5 Global Launch

Amplify + PlayStation reimagine what a global reveal looks like and where it lives.


Amplify were challenged to celebrate the arrival of the PlayStation® 5, the most anticipated product release in a decade, and welcome a new generation of gaming across the world. The task was to create a global cultural moment that was visible to the mainstream, making the brand assets famous while achieving consistency of creative execution across multiple territories.

With the launch coinciding with a global pandemic, how could we create a launch the world could witness as one without experiencing it together, and ensure the launch moments were visible and shareable without a physical audience?


Without the ability to queue outside shops for their console or getting hands-on experiences, our audience would turn to social to connect at the key moments of launch.


Develop a built-for-camera approach that transforms a moment in time into a global content engine. Bring the global launch campaign – Play Has No Limits – to life through innovative activations, turning the world blue one territory at a time.

The Idea

Reimagine what a launch looks like and where it lives, with cinematic shows designed to break through the screen and push the boundaries of possible.


Amplify created an extensive worldwide campaign in which, as the clock struck midnight on launch days, iconic locations such as London’s Piccadilly Circus, New York’s Times Square and Seoul’s K-Pop Square were transformed into mesmerising immersive shows.

The shows visually brought Play Has No Limits to life, pushing the boundaries of reality by using anamorphic illusions that created fully immersive content where the PlayStation®5 console and DualSense wireless controller seemingly broke through the screen. The mapped shows were bespoke for each region and ran at up to 8K on 80m+ screens.

In addition to immersive 3D content, iconic local buildings and popular sites around the world – including Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Venice’s St Mark’s Square, Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, Auckland’s Sky Tower and a mountain range in Switzerland’s St Moritz – were illuminated with PlayStation®5 shapes and its signature blue colour to celebrate the moment of launch. Amplify creatively directed all global experiences, from inception to capture, ensuring the shows could be experienced through the screen. 

The shows took place on the eve of the launch in each region, building up to midnight at the exact point the PlayStation®5 went on sale. Every show was filmed to form a global sequential moment across social that celebrated the arrival of the console in each territory, before culminating in an incredible global montage to amplify the launch.

As well as leading the Global campaign, Amplify also executed and led the content capture of the fully immersive activations in London, a full screen takeover of Piccadilly Circus and France, a projection onto the iconic Place de l’Opera.