Wray Residency

Amplify + Campari invite 'the fam' to celebrate the powerful synergy of community and culture with a bold showcase of the best music created and championed by the Black British diaspora...


After a successful Wray Residency in 2022, Wray & Nephew wanted to evolve and build on this experience to reach a bigger and more diverse audience.

Insight + Strategy

We knew that Wray & Nephew is enjoyed beyond its Jamaican roots, and has become representative of a lifestyle and culture that bleeds into different cultural spaces. Those who appreciate Wray & Nephew also appreciate the culture that surrounds it, from the music to the food and customs that define the Jamaican way of life.

We know our aspirational audience are either part of or heavily influenced by Black British culture but may not always feel that emotional connection to the brand.

Knowing the target audience exists to explore their cultural tastes across interests and genres so we looked to reflect that in the cultural programming. We also wanted to appreciate the idea of the come up in music - a desire to seek out the emerging artists before they hit the mainstream. Finally, we wanted to appreciate the intersectionality across this audiences - different identities that blend and clash and can be represented in our selection or artists.


Wray Residency

A Wray Residency platforming a slice of the contemporary black music scene while embracing and celebrating its variety and many influences.

We pay homage to the musical talent that has emerged from creative fusions within a united black diaspora as well as the genres that have shaped them.

With community at the heart of everything we do, the residency is a space where guests connect with friends and newfound fam, over shared interests, fuelled by the unifying power of Wray.