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The World of Sportswear

Amplify blur worlds to launch adidas' new product 'Sportswear' globally…


Amplify was challenged to launch their new 'Sportswear' product category in a unique way to internal key stakeholders, markets and retail accounts. The category represented a new beginning within the brand's sporting heartland so our objective was to shine a light on the category’s positioning to the next generation.


Gen Z is currently creating their future, they don’t need to be defined and certainly won’t be constrained. Unlike their predecessors, Gen Z don’t move between IRL and digital worlds, but live in both simultaneously.


To deliver a series of creative experiences that reflected Gen Z's ability to blend the world of digital and physical bringing to life three consumer moments:

Take it easy and relaxed

Get it done

Stay curious and escape


The World of Sportswear

With physical product not available, we reimagined the category launch of Sportswear in a virtual world.

Capitalising on CGI and 3D we challenged ourselves to do something different with this launch, taking our audience on a virtual tour of the new Sportswear range with a series of creative experiences to bring the new product range to life.

Sportswear Virtual world: An immersive CGI film with an abstract and unapologetically edgy look and feel with viewers travelling through the three different lifestyle occasions, exploring the new range.

FW22 Capsule catwalk: A first for adidas, we created a digital catwalk to reveal the official first 12 looks of the Sportswear Range, building 3D models that were then dropped into relevant lifestyle settings.

A Sportswear Digital Hub - We built a bespoke virtual platform for markets to use on an ongoing basis to showcase the new product category and deep dive into the product story behind the range.