Make Dream Cars Real

Amplify + The LEGO Group make dream cars real...


Building vehicles with LEGO bricks is a key part of LEGO play for their audience. Guided or unguided, vehicles have always been at the heart of their brand since its inception. As a brand, they have the power to turn kids who love playing with cars, into kids that dream of owning the real cars they spot out in the wild.

So with the release of a new range of supercar LEGO sets, we needed to show this audience of fast car fanatics that LEGO is the one way they can own the car of their dreams.

Insight + Strategy

99% of kids (and adults) that are fans of LEGO, will never get to own their dream car. So what if we could make every kid’s dream of owning a supercar come true?

We needed to create an experience that brought this dream to life across multiple platforms, but also created a storytelling piece to inspire an audience of 7-12 year olds to build their dream car.


The LEGO Dream Car Generator

We built a world around a dream-like garage experience that allowed kids to build a life-size LEGO car in front of their own eyes.

At the heart of this story was an anamorphic screen garage, installed at Silverstone Racetrack in the UK. This Dream Car Generator allowed a selection of real car loving kids to be transported into a garage of the future where life-sized LEGO vehicles can be built by them, for them, then magically turned into real LEGO sets for them to build with.

The kids and the machine became the key characters of our story, which was brought to life on YouTube, the platform our young audience spend their most time on.

The Dream Car Generator blurred the lines between channels - and as well as existing as an online film - was turned into a global TVC, social content, a digital online experience, and a global touring experience at car events around the world.