Heineken Silver Launch

Amplify + Heineken partner to create the most successful Heineken launch ever…


Heineken tasked Amplify with crafting a global brand experience to launch Heineken Silver. Aimed at Gen-Z, a target audience that notoriously doesn’t drink beer, the multi-market activation needed to drive PR and hype for this category-defining product launch.


For Gen-Z, knowledge is wealth and ‘being in the know’ is the ultimate cultural currency. By creating hype and exclusivity surrounding this new product, we sought to pique the interest of this hard-to-reach audience.


We leveraged the cheeky tone of the ATL campaign that poked fun at the absurdities of the metaverse and NFT culture.

By crafting an experience that celebrated the best of both URL and IRL worlds, we knew we could make Heineken feel younger, more modern, and culturally relevant for today’s Gen-Z drinkers.

Heineken Silver, for real

Heineken first launched Heineken Silver lager with a tongue-in-cheek launch in the metaverse where it couldn’t be tasted…

They turned to us to enhance the PR impact of their metaverse launch to create the IRL launch experience - where Heineken Silver could be tasted.

We crafted a global experiential toolkit for the launch, advising markets on everything from launch strategy, event identity and production guidelines to Snapchat filters. The toolkit was scalable and modular so that markets could adapt it based on their local market budgets.

The toolkit set the guidelines for an immersive metaverse-inspired launch experience and was applied across 16 markets in Europe. These events occurred on the same night, creating the first simultaneous global launch for Heineken.

Each event was programmed with DJs and talent who resonate with Gen Z, we collaborated with J. Demsky, a culturally relevant street artist who blends the digital and physical worlds to design a unique IRL space, porting in elements of the metaverse.

To further blur the lines between the IRL and URL experiences J. Demsky created a series of exclusive Heineken Silver ‘For Real Tokens’ (tangible NFTs) that were dropped at launch events which drove hype among our audience.

From newsworthy media partnerships to noteworthy influencer collaborations, the PR tactics helped drive fame and gained award-winning notoriety from Cannes Lion.