Google Messy Middle

Amplify + Google create a helpful way for CMOs to navigate shopping behaviours...


How can Google launch the latest AUNZ Commerce campaign to C-level marketers with a helpful, yet attention-grabbing gift?

Insight + Strategy

In the face of global economic fragility and uncertain marketing budgets, the need for marketers to understand their consumers’ journey through the Messy Middle is essential.

However, as time poor individuals, CMOs attention is constantly being pulled in multiple directions at once.

So we knew we needed to simplify the process whilst engaging our audience of busy marketeers.


Simplifying the Complex

Landing a complex message in an succinct and entertaining way, a beautifully illustrated pop-up book was designed to summarise the Messy Middle insights.

Inspired by children’s pop-up books, the Messy Middle’s story was laid out through a surprisingly simple, visual medium that made the three key messages memorable.

To make this even more special, local Australian pop-up experts and artists Sam Gazal and Hester Clark helped create each unique spread.

Delivered to CMOs desks, this tactile send out included an unboxing experience where you pull the string line tab to reveal the pop-up book - literally untangling the insights.

Once open, the book was revealed, telling the story with Think with Google inspired graphics and icons. To keep a consistent look and feel with the campaign collateral, the pop-up book with Think with Google’s simple illustration identity in partnership with designers from Evolved.