Amplify create the ultimate underground experience for 24-hour party people...


Young Londoners are seasoned veterans already living a 24 hour lifestyle. Amplify’s challenge was to celebrate the impulsiveness that the night tube allows.


These millennials want to see, hear and do as much as possible, no matter what time it’s happening – and the more spontaneity added in, the better.


To hark back to the days of illegal raves, creating the ultimate underground experience for 24-hour party people.


    A series of secret events announced 24 hours before the doors opened. Tickets were available to those quickest to follow the daily digital call to action.

    We built a club in a disused and derelict subterranean music hall three stories deep, with balconies overlooking the stage. This unique venue required particularly special a/v production, and we used bespoke content to give each night its own look and feel. London’s hottest underground talent performed – including producer Hudson Mohawke, grime scene veteran Skepta and pop starlet Charlie XCX. The final night was streamed live to give a taste of the event to those not lucky enough to have a ticket.