Possibility Place

Amplify + Pinterest create a destination where the everyday becomes extraordinary...


Pinterest is seen as a place for making plans, whether that’s planning for Big Moments (a wedding, or a home renovation) or the every day (meal prep, tomorrow’s look). However, to boost cultural relevance with new and existing users, we needed to show how Pinterest supports turning these dreams into reality.

Insight + Strategy

Our approach focused on transitioning from virtual planning to real life doing, by instilling confidence, providing tools, and igniting creativity with our target audience to pursue their desired lifestyles.

We centred our strategy on celebrating everyday moments by leveraging cultural creators, products, and programming to inspire ideas, evolve thinking, promote planning, and encourage collaboration.

Creators such as Jess Young (founder of Boys in Polish), zero waste chef Martyn Odell, mixologist creator Pip Jolley and muralist Richard O’Gorman all contributed to an immersive and inspiring consumer experience.


Possibility Place

We created Possibility Place to show our audience ‘It’s Possible’ to make the everyday amazing with Pinterest.

Through a beauty salon, a corner store and a DIY shop we invited guests to try something new and get inspired with Pinterest.

We created a central London destination full of inspiration, experiences and programming.

Connecting the Pinterest online to IRL, enabling our audience to see how Pinterest could elevate their everyday.

Our creators and workshop programming drew our audience in and brough the Pinterest UX to life in a way that was both unexpected and inspiring.