UGG Feel House Paris

Amplify + UGG bring Feel House to Paris for the first time ever. Introducing UGG’s new ranges through the lens of creativity, community and self-expression...


How do you build brand equity in France and truly subvert the expectations of the Gen Z audience, by going into new, disruptive and inventive places ? You create a space that acts as a true liberator and catalyst of self-expression powered by locally relevant talents and creatives who are not afraid to be bold.

Insight + Strategy

Tapping into the passion points of our audience

We needed to craft an experience that not only spoke to the values of the brand, but also felt culturally relevant to Gen-Z Parisians.

By first identifying and understanding the interests of our target audience, we were able to tailor the pop-up to meet their preferences.

A talent-led approach was ultimately adopted. By collaborating with tastemakers from various fields like music, art, food, and beauty allowed us to tap into different niches within our audience. This diversity not only broadened our reach but also added richness to the content and experiences that we offered.


Welcome to Feel House Paris

We launched a four day pop-up right in the heart of Paris, creating a space that helped Gen-Z expand their creative horizons by pushing them out of their comfort zones. Feel House featured a jam packed schedule of culturally relevant programming led by some of Paris’s brightest creatives.

The Tattoo Workshop led by Dylan Long-Cho challenged guests to create custom designs, while the session with Le Labo explored the relationship between memory and scent. Our songwriting workshop, featuring budding artists Hera & Mars, tasked guests with creating an original composition and our roundtable with RinseFM gave guidance on how to make it as a multi-hyphenate creative.

We also gave guests the chance to experiment with their personal style via shoe customisation led by painter Enfant Précoce and Lili Creuk on nails and tooth gems.

At night, the space served as a central gathering point for the city’s tastemakers. From a curated diner with chef Thomas Coupeau and the collective We are Ona to Highsnobiety and RinseFM hosting parties in the space across the pop-up with performances from their roster of artists.

With Feel House Paris, we helped UGG gain a foothold in a critical market and ignited a powerful connection with Gen-Z that allowed them to boldly express themselves.