Play Has No Limits – Global PlayStation 5 Launch

Amplify + PlayStation turn the world blue for their biggest console launch yet...


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Sony Interactive Entertainment’s goal was to celebrate the arrival of PlayStation® 5 around
the world, bringing mass awareness and buzz around the most anticipated product release
in a decade.

Insight + Strategy

A built-for-camera approach to bring the global gaming community together.

Typically, a launch moment for a console is a celebration centred around the players - from those queuing for days in advance to IRL moments the entire community can experience. With the pandemic to contend with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), the maker of PlayStation®, needed to reimagine how to excite their fans rather than simply port an IRL experience online.

The campaign needed to surprise consumers by creating a launch everyone could experience despite being seen by few in real life. We decided to build a global campaign using a ‘built-for-camera approach’ that transformed a moment in time into a global content engine. In doing so, we reimagined what a launch looks like and where it lives, with cinematic shows designed to break through the screen.


Play Has No Limits

Together, SIE and Amplify harnessed the anticipation and spotlighted the cultural moment of PlayStation® 5’s launch in a way that magnified the campaign through a shared experience that brought the global gaming community together.

Bringing the ‘Play Has No Limits’ global launch campaign to life, we created a coloured thread that lit the world blue, one region at a time. On the eve of PS5™’s launch we transformed iconic locations, from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa to Tokyo’s Kanda Myojin, into mesmerising immersive and anamorphic cinematic shows designed to break through the screen.

Delivering the first globally co-ordinated social campaign in PlayStation® history the experiences were filmed as they went live. Films were edited and posted on social channels within 8 hours of activation celebrating the arrival of the console and receiving over 24 million global views.

Watch all 25 global activations and films HERE.