La Casa De Papel:

The Biggest Fan

Amplify + Netflix create a format-breaking game show to support the epic final season of Money Heist and find its biggest fan.


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How do you build on a cultural phenomenon and promote the final season of one of the world’s most watched shows? You celebrate the excitement, anticipation and passion of the very people who have made the show a success…

Insight + Strategy

We have seen the incredible impact Money Heist has had on people and culture around the world. We’ve seen tattoos, weddings, parties, protests and celebrities like Kylian Mbappé and Neymar Jr. all embracing the show’s iconography.

We wanted to find a way to celebrate the Money Heist phenomenon, championing the people who have contributed to the success of the show, and we knew how passionate, knowledgeable and emotionally connected with the series the fandom community was globally.


La Casa De Papel: The Biggest Fan

Amplify created a format-busting IRL-meets-content fully integrated phased campaign that mobilised Money Heist’s devoted fan base, to find and reward the ultimate fans of the series in France and Poland.

A call to action to identify the most 100 passionate fans in each country was launched using en engaging piece of content on Netflix’s social pages on 13th September 2021, inviting people to test their knowledge of the series via an online time based Money Heist quiz and to submit their chosen city code name…like the members of La Banda in the show.

Each group was then whittled down to six people in each country, through a rigorous casting process that included candidates submitting profile videos demonstrating their creativity, passion and love for the series.

The result? Six French and Polish Money Heist superfans went head-to-head in a world-building entertainment format born from the show’s IP. The immersive knock-out competition was captured as a filmic multi-camera production for broadcast on Netflix’s France and Poland YouTube channels on 28th November 2021 and promoted via a TV, press and social campaign. The winners were greeted by three members of the cast after completing their final challenge.

Lyon, our French winner, had his profile featured across an OOH campaign in Paris to promote the release of Season 5 part 2. He also received a replica of the Bank of Spain model used in the credits of the show and a mock-up gold bar trophy, whilst Warszawa, our Polish winner won a 1KG real gold bar. Lyon was also whisked away to Madrid at a major event, called La Casa De Papel: El Legado, a live talk show-style format gathering the entire cast and creators on stage.


A global broadcast celebration viewed by over 3 million people

A show packed with exclusive content and remake reveals as well as surprising cameos from the show’s other biggest fans around the world, including Ed Sheeran.