Amplify + Facebook create a hackable space for maximum exploration...


Amplify were challenged to create a brand experience for Facebook to demonstrate how the brand is working towards building supportive, safe, inclusive and civically engaged communities globally and in France.

Insight +.Strategy

Consumers are looking to engage with digital brands in a more human and physical ways to better understand how product features and services can add value to their day to day lives, as well as have a positive impact on society.

A hands-on experience showcasing Facebook family of brands to educate our audience on a range and benefits of products and services.


Facebook Connexions

We brought an exhibition to life through interactive experiences to explore how technology builds community, creates personal connections and changes the way we communicate. The event took place across 3 consecutive days at Station F in Paris, the world’s biggest startup campus.

We wanted people to be able to design and build their own story through our modular design, which were made to encouraged conversations, listening and sharing. By making the space was hackable, we invited guests to add a little something of themselves to the journey.

The exhibition kicked-off with a special evening dedicated to Facebook friends and family, during which Sheryl Sandberg delivered an intro speech to launch the event, followed by a live intimate performance from local AAA artists Jean Louis Aubert, Brigittes and Julien Doré.

The exhibition was then open to the general public, tech media and policy influencers and designed into six stages to transport visitors at the crossing of the worlds of innovations, R&D and entrepreneurship.


    Showing how technology has increasingly offer the capacity to communicate and share, to give everyone the power the share their voice across boundaries


    A classroom style set-up for guests to learn about coding with Magic Makers.


    Three connected structures took guests on a journey of discovery, moving firstly between different creator stories, before we invited them to be the focal point in a shareable piece of content.


    Four start-up businesses, brought their story to life through an engaging conversation with guests.


    Guests stepped into a world of tomorrow’s tech, with AR, VR and AI.


    A modern style café space for guests to continue their conversation beyond the exhibition and engage with Facebook tech partners through a series of interactive workshops.