Tough As You

Amplify + Dr. Martens support emerging and under-represented music talent...


Amplify were tasked to build and grow a progressive, diverse and inclusive creative community, helping the Dr. Martens to connect with the next generation by proving their commitment to the diverse musical scenes and talent driving change in culture.

Insight + Strategy

Emerging from the pandemic, the issues facing young creatives looking to break into the music industry were intensified. From financial pressures stifling creativity to a need for diverse role models, experienced guidance and networks, there was a real need for support that would help them empower their self-expression.

We identified pioneering talents who embody the Dr. Martens spirit, working alongside them to provide the new generation of creative talent with the mentorship and support they need to take their creative ambitions to the next level and tackle the obstacles that kept them marginalised within the music industry.


Presenting ‘Tough as You’.

An initiative that paired six industry-established mentors across UK, France and Germany with under-represented talent looking to break into the music industry, funding and supporting them to realise creative projects that open up access and opportunities in music.

Providing an extra layer of support for the talent, each project was documented and shared via rich storytelling content that shaped a mix of content captured by the artists into a compelling visual documentary of the project, amplifying their story via Dr. Martens platforms as well as through a series of impactful cultural media partnerships. The stories were amplified further through culturally connected partnerships including the likes of Notion, Crack Magazine and GRM Daily.

In showing their support for a diverse community of up-and-coming talent, opening up the chance for them to learn and grow alongside established mentors, ‘Tough as You’ not only provided opportunities for more young talent to access music, it helped build and grow a strong community around Dr. Martens which is testament to their continued commitment to supporting subcultures and empowering self-expression.