Paris Games Week

Amplify ensures 350K+ gamers get hands on with PlayStation...


Amplify have been challenged to deliver PlayStation’s stand at Paris Games Week for the last eight years, managing and creating the largest brand space of the show.

Insight + Strategy

Everyone from gaming media to consumers and guests expects a PlayStation experience that’s bigger, better, and bolder than the last.

Year after year, we test our ambitions to create a standout presence for PlayStation. We needed to bring the brand world to life, ensuring we’re accentuating design, experience, and consumer navigation at full scale.


Paris Games Week Takeover

Pushing the boundaries of storytelling

Amplify is responsible for designing, producing and managing the PlayStation brand space. We focus on the players who make PlayStation great to push the boundaries of storytelling, imagination and technology by designing immersive worlds. The 1,200sqm2 space we started with has evolved into an impressive 4,000sqm2, as the mainstage becomes the beating heart and meeting point for the 350k fans that attend.