Nike "Air Force 1" by Virgil Abloh

Amplify + Louis Vuitton produce a luxury and dream like 3D anamorphic billboard...


Announce the release of the Nike Air Force 1 by Virgil Abloh’s collaboration and exhibition opening in Brooklyn, Louis Vuitton by creating the first luxury brand 3D anamorphic billboard. The launch became particularly poignant as the collection was the last that Virgil Abloh collaborated on before his untimely passing.

Insight + Strategy

Crafted in the Maison’s atelier in Fiesso d’Artico, Italy, the Louis Vuitton “Air Force 1” fuses the trainers' original codes with the finest materials and insignia of the Maison, taking the iconic sneaker to new heights.

Taking inspiration from the sneakers’ unique designs, and the exhibition's key assets, we brought the collection to life in a dream-like fashion, blurring the lines between craftsmanship and digital savoir-faire.


The world's first luxury brand 3D anamorphic billboard

Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 by Virgil Abloh

We announced the collab and exhibition opening in Brooklyn to our global fashion fanatics and sneakerheads’ audience, in collaboration with Closer and Inertia Studio, we created a 60 second 3D anamorphic show that launched simultaneously at high profile sites across New York and Chengdu (China), transforming each screen into the iconic LV trunk as our digital canvas.

The show kicked off with a floating giant LV globe and clouds swirl, introducing the space and dreamy aesthetic, which then slowly dissipated to reveal another trunk within the trunk, rotating slowly 360 with the famous Virgil quotation “Dream Now” appearing on each side.

We introduced the iconic sneaker, front and centre, illuminated within the glass trunk in a state of constant motion. A dreamed interpretation of the sneaker - surrealist, digital, boundless, celebrating and featuring the physical products and NFT’s. Multiplied globes appeared to float out from the screen and burst to reveal different iterations of the sneaker constantly sitting and floating within the glass trunk, which also burst out of the screen.

Transitioning from day to night, the show ended with the sneaker glitching to the next, flickering between different iterations of the collection in a high energy, celebratory moment.