It's Different Here

Amplify + Pinterest create a different kind of ad summit with fashion designer Tan France...


Pinterest is still a challenger brand in a competitive market. So how do you stand out not only in market, but to an audience with Zoom fatigue? Amplify created a premium global experience to unveil inspired new product features and provide a window into future trends via Pinterest Predicts.

Insight + Strategy

Pinterest is a different kind of platform. An inclusive, nourishing, safe space on the internet for consumers, creators and brands with an abundance of inspiration. 97% of the top searches on Pinterest are unbranded, so you discover ideas and products you love before you even knew what you were looking for.

We needed to change perceptions of Pinterest in the mind of our advertiser audience from a place to save to an effective advertising and shopping platform, where ideas become “I did”. We brought It’s Different Here to life with visual storytelling and stunning set design to challenge the status quo.


It’s Different Here - Pinterest Presents

A global event broadcast across 7 territories featuring the star of Netflix’s Queer Eye, Tan France, alongside a host of brands, creators and Pinterest’s most important voices. This was a celebration of a new era for Pinterest. Tan unveiled “Your Shop” - the new customisable shopping update, Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann spoke about the importance of creating a more positive internet and CMO Andréa Mallard explained why inspiration is key for brands and advertisers.

A nourishing online oasis

Amplify produced shoots across the world from Sydney to San Francisco. The show brought the Pinterest brand to life, creating a series of stunning sets that represented the dynamic and unique energy of Pinterest and branded the broadcast in a way that showed the world just how different Pinterest is.

The work gave life to the Pinterest Predicts trends and shopping features while visually representing the nourishing online oasis that the platform provides, reinforcing and elevating our core message that It’s Different Here.

By creating a talent-led comms approach with superstar stylist Tan France, and a host of other Pinterest creators the broadcast became more than a webinar - it was a form of entertainment that was emotionally engaging and helped create impact.

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