Learning with Google

Amplify + Google create a global broadcast moment to thank and inform education leaders in 187 countries around the world…


2020 presented the greatest challenge to traditional modes of education the world has ever seen. Google for Education users, which includes teachers, academics, schools, universities and education administrators, increased by 114% in just 4 months. Google responded by rapidly improving its services but awareness did not match the speed at which it evolved.

Insight + Strategy

The education community was under huge pressure to quickly adapt and learn to meet the needs of a spectrum of learning abilities, skill levels and accessibility, but this was a time-consuming task without much support. Google for Education wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the huge contributions from the community and deliver solutions to empower learning anytime, anywhere.

Our strategy created a global moment to thank and inform education leaders worldwide and enable Google for Education to show their support and introduce their evolution in their own words, establishing them as the leading strategic partner for the education community.


Learning with Google

A global broadcast that combined powerful storytelling, informative presentations from top Google executives and documentary-style case studies to make education leaders around the world feel part of the Google Education community and showcase Google's commitment to creating helpful products and online learning.

Across two days we hosted Learning with Google, a global broadcast to 187 countries in 14 languages showcasing Google’s commitment to online learning. We created a 99 minute broadcast combining powerful storytelling and informative presentations from top Google executives. We brought the story to life through 8 shoots spanning San Francisco and New York and a post-production process across 4 time zones, wrapped with a comprehensive package of motion graphics.

The highly-produced show announced more than 50 new product features coming to Google Education, wove in powerful customer stories from across the globe and featured contributors including Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, Ben Gomes, Avni Shah and other key product leaders to help share their progress and vision.