Google Beach at Cannes Lions 2023

Amplify + Google reinvigorate the beach at Cannes to make it the perfect place for network building moments...


The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is an intense week of travel, talks, networking, new thinking, hospitality and events. With a host of brands competing for attention, it’s an experience that can leave delegates mentally exhausted and craving respite and opportunities to recharge.

How do you break the format of the Cannes delegate experience to create a space that provides calm in a sea of noise and re-energises guests by maximising the exchanges they’ve travelled the world for?

Insight + Strategy

Grounded in neuroscience and psychology, our design approach and creative solution set out to create the optimum conditions to capture executive attention, charm guests through elevated environmental design, and reinforce Google’s human-first culture of helpfulness.


Google Beach 2023

The ambition was to transform the landscape of Google Beach in a way that elevated the look and feel of the brand, created clear routes to conversation and ensured the brand came through at every touchpoint.

Establishing a modular architectural framework and spatial hierarchy allowed us to create a series of different environments to host guests meetings and hospitality, as well as present the best of Google AI and YouTube in bespoke activations. Careful consideration of materials, graphic language and the environmental palette established a foundation designed to endure beyond 2023, ready to be repurposed and reconfigured as the Beach reappears in the coming years.

Google Beach was open and accessible to all, as well as providing privacy where required, the combination of spatial planning, circulation routes to conversation and common design language across the space ensured a premium guest experience and calming space for maximum clarity.