Pixel Night Sight

Amplify + Google Pixel bring sight to the night…


Amplify were challenged to create shareable moments in a low lit space so influencers could experience Pixel’s night sight capabilities and top sales staff could be thanked for their efforts.


Most influencers are Pixel users already and are always looking for interesting shareable moments. Night sight is one of the Pixel’s strongest features and one worth exploring for them.

Pixel Night Sight.

A fun interactive dinner in the dark, littered with curated share-worthy photo opportunities and a chance to connect with fellow influencers or sales winners at Bulletin Place Bar, Australia’s most awarded-ever bar.

An eclectic, artistic and interesting mix of existing Pixel influencers were treated to experiences such as a photo cage arrival moment with neon tube lights suspended from a circular truss in the ceiling. The neon theme was continued through the rest of the venue.

The theme was integrated into every touchpoint from the invitation (a clear perspex box printed with the event details and containing twinkling LED lights to set the tone), to the branding (using holographic print at the venue), to the good-bye gift (glow in the dark, Google branded soap).