Pixel 4 Playground

Amplify + Google make the imagined, possible with the launch of the Google Pixel 4...


Amplify were challenged to launch the Google Pixel 4 to Australian influencers and media by creatively inspiring guests and driving conversation online.

Insight + Strategy

Our audience are the creators. They are the chroniclers, definers and initiators of culture and are driven by imagination, which can be limited by the capability of their device. Although mobile is a category in which users are reluctant to switch, we know that for these trendsetters enabling their creative vision is key to inspiring new purchases.

We knew we needed to create an experience that pushes the imaginations of journalists and influencers, where they can explore what’s possible with the Google Pixel 4 camera and are inspired to share stories that ignite consideration and conversation.


The Google Pixel 4 Playground

A custom built, Google-inspired world full of optical illusions and playful experiences, where the laws of physics and the concept of “impossible” didn’t apply. The handset was presented by product experts to influencers over a highly photographable full colour feast.

Custom artworks from Australian artists filled the Melbourne laneways tour, whilst the Rooms of Infinite Possibility, the Pixel Planetarium and the Soundwave Studio showcased the Pixel 4’s technical capabilities and encouraged interaction and the sharing of ‘impossible’ content.