Panthère de Cartier

Amplify + Cartier Invite Melbourne to discover Panthère de Cartier...


Amplify were challenged to produce two films that would drive traffic to Cartier’s first Australian immersive installation, ‘Into the Wild’ which showcased the newly launched Panthère de Cartier collection and heroed the house’s first female Creative director Jeanne Toussaint.

Insight + Strategy

Create stories that will visually tease the art, savoir faire and the untold story of the Panthère de Cartier whilst encouraging artists to share their connection with the iconic collection.


Into the Wild.

Amplify produced two films and imagery for online distribution that introduced ‘Into the Wild’ and the Panthère collection to Australia and Asia Pacific. Through the use of perspective and pace we created the feeling of night time exploration and staking a claim to the space, creating a unifying aesthetic and ensuring that the spirit of the panther and Jeanne Toussaint was visually present. The final content was exclusively previewed in Harper’s Bazaar.