Longbranch Launch

Amplify + Wild Turkey bring perfectly paired bourbon cocktails to Melbourne + Sydney...


Amplify were challenged to launch Wild Turkey Longbranch and combine education with trial and purchase of the range, with three key audiences to keep in mind: media, trade and bartenders.


Longbranch reminds people to stay true to themselves by providing and celebrating real moments that are rich with meaning, or triggered by a bold decision. These are moments where you can’t help but be yourself.


Speak to our combined audience by creating a unique brand experience that brings to life Longbranch’s premium credentials to reinforce its ‘For The Real’ message.

Longbranch Launched.

Extending a warm Kentucky and Texan welcome, we inspired our guests to celebrate and share the Longbranch story at Sydney’s Stanton and Co and Melbourne’s Craft and Co. These two locations were the perfect place for a dining and masterclass series, hosted by Eddie Russell, the Wild Turkey Master Distiller.

The launch allowed us to speak to our three audiences by fusing bourbon cocktails with perfectly paired dishes. Through Instagram moments for influencers to inspirational mixing for bartenders and key information for trade, we spoke to everyone by using food and drink to generate connections.