Levi’s x Universal Monsters

Amplify + Levi’s delight Sydney’s most stylish creatures of the night…


The Levi’s x Universal Monsters collection takes customers on a journey through classic horror films, just in time for Halloween. Amplify was challenged with creating an unmissable, immersive youth culture event to launch the collection and strengthen relationships with key opinion leaders.

Insight + Strategy

Looking beyond the shock and horror of Universal’s Monsters, we see a common theme—a group of misunderstood outcasts looking for their place in the world.

Evoke this outcast mentality and align with our Gen Z audience who continue to rebel against what’s expected of them. In turn, tapping into Gen Z’s love of self-expression and originality synonymous with the Levi’s brand.


Levi’s x Universal Monsters Launch

It comes alive at night! Amplify and Levi’s hosted Sydney’s most stylish creatures of the night for a full moon rave in one of the city’s most haunted venues, Cell Block Theatre. The night featured DJ sets from local talent Mickey Kojak and Memphis LK.

In keeping with the glow in the dark design elements in the collection, the experience took place beneath an awe-inspiring, glowing full moon–creating an unexpected moment of wonder for guests.

Guests also got the chance to ‘Frankenstein’ their fit, with help from talented Australian clothing artist, Exxy. Signature Levi’s pieces from the Trucker Jacket to 501s were reimagined through a variety of stencilling techniques with bleach and spray paint as well as stylish distressing.

The space also featured a content creation opportunity inspired by the movie magic techniques of the early Universal Monsters films. Guests were able to choose between a stylised spotlight, dynamic lightning or the original painted backdrop of Dracula’s castle.