adidas Ultraboost 21 UB21

Ultraboost 21

Amplify + adidas create a 'HI ENERGY’ global retail launch for Ultraboost 21…


Amplify were challenged to reimagine the retail experience in stores across the world, developing intuitive and HI ENERGY activations to launch Ultraboost 21...


A global study commissioned by adidas found that runners were shown to be 20% more likely than non-runners to experience increased energy levels. Whilst over 40% of respondents increased their running frequency and also said that they developed a more positive outlook on life. adidas believes that sport has the power to transform lives. Through Ultraboost 21, adidas continues to deliver energy back to runners. 


To revolutionise the retail space whilst also driving awareness around the key Ultraboost 21 benefits. Turn the shop floor into an:

  1. Experience centre – Moving beyond transactional to promote product discovery and trial. The retail floor becomes a stage for performance, bringing brand stories to life and putting consumers at the heart
  2. Community hub – Relational retail that brought people together and turned store staff into micro influencers. 
  3. Content Engine – Flipping retail on its head, turning it into a media channel. From storytelling to story making, consumers acted as retail content creators via experiences. 

Welcome to the new age of adidas brand experiences.

Say hello to incredible energy return…

Revolutionise the retail environment, evoking the HI ENERGY both aesthetically and functionally, whilst elevating the Boost product in a way that led to consumer trial and ultimately purchase.

To celebrate Ultraboost 21 as the ultimate HI ENERGY responsive running shoe, we highlighted the design innovation and power of this product through a series of connected retail spaces spanning windows, launch zones + activations. 

Visually explosive in its colours and brightness, windows were designed to draw in the consumer by inviting them to try on the product virtually as they stood on the street.

As the world became more reliant on mobile experiences, we looked to drive intrigue and hype around the launch.

We continued to bring to life the 7% more responsiveness of Ultraboost 21 in the launch zone through HI ENERGY experiences driven from the feet up. 

The launch zone allowed consumers to have an immersive sensorial experience mimicking the responsive energy journey of Ultraboost’s hero asset - The Checkboost.  When consumers simply stepped on the floor they triggered reactive content that worked its way up the structures surrounding them. This was achieved through responsive haptics, lighting, HI ENERGY visuals and curated scented molecules.


A visually explosive creative direction and experience designed to invigorate the consumer and celebrate Ultraboost 21 as the ultimate HI ENERGY responsive running shoe.