Amplify + Sonos help Londoners #ListenBetter with speaker amnesty...


Amplify were challenged to bring Sonos’ global ‘You’re Better Than This’ campaign to life through an engaging experience that left Londoners with a smile on their face.


The way people feel about music isn’t often reflected in the way they listen to it – music lovers have given up quality for convenience.


Alert music lovers to their listening fails, showing them that their music deserves better with an artistic twist.



Amplify created a speaker amnesty so consumers could swap their ‘Listening Fails’ for a better solution - the Sonos PLAY:1 - and see their old speakers being transformed into art.

Over three packed days, we turned a small-but-powerful speaker into one of the most eye-catching centrepieces in London.

Day 1: 24 hours before we created massive amounts of buzz surrounding our big giveaway. OOH went live, PR and social campaigns kicked off and targeted scratch-card flyers were distributed.

Day 2, 5AM: long before sunrise, hoards of music lovers began queuing up outside our stand at the entrance to King’s Cross with their Listening Fails; the first 300 being rewarded with a brand new Sonos PLAY:1 and the following 500 getting a 20% discount. While this played out, our team of artists from local collective MADE transformed the donated speakers into an incredible sculpture live on site. They sprayed each one gloss black and collected them together into a large cube, surrounded with LED lighting, making a monolith that represented London’s collective past Listening Fails.

Day 3: We worked throughout the night to create a film of the day’s activity that was screened to further engage commuters and continue to tell the tale of the previous day’s activity – as well as distributed across social channels.