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Behind Her Eyes Virtual Premiere

Amplify + Left Bank Pictures premiere one of the most talked about Netflix shows of the year...


Amplify were challenged to create buzz and excitement around the launch of ‘Behind Her Eyes’ on Netflix and celebrate the moment with cast and crew.


Show launches are traditionally centred around a physical premiere. With lockdown in place we would have to think differently, giving cast and crew a special experience and feeling of excitement without the red carpet moment they are used to.


We sought to bring cast, crew and VIP’s together to feel part of the same celebratory moment through an exclusive experience, wherever they were in the world.

The Idea

An exclusive virtual screening experience showcasing exclusive, first look content for 120 key cast, crew & VIPs.

Virtual Premiere

We delivered a personal, secure and exclusive as-live virtual premiere to 120 key cast, crew and VIP’s two weeks before the show launched on Netflix.

Guests were sent individual private access links to the premiere, watchable from their web browser via our broadcast platform, which was designed utilising key art assets to reflect he visual identity of the show.

To ensure complete security and adherence with embargoes we utilised an individual forensic watermark system.

Co-ordinating all the premiere content,
we started the show experience with an exclusive intro from the Show Director which we remote-directed from Oslo.
This led into a screening of the first two episodes of the show, which was based on the bestselling novel by Sarah Pinborough. The experience finished with an exclusive rest of show sizzle to get attendees excited about watching the series on Netflix at launch.


An exclusive celebratory experience bringing the cast and crew together all over the world to build the excitement for the launch of the show.