Dr. Martens Presents

Amplify + Dr. Martens celebrate subcultures in all their many and varied forms...


Engage a younger, more diverse audience by demonstrating the brand’s purpose, empowering individual self-expression, rebelliousness and resilience.


Following extensive research into our audience as part of the Dr. Martens ‘Tough Youth’ culture report, four key pain points emerged that limited their opportunities for self-expression.

  • The fight for personal identity & expression against entrenched stereotypes
  • Financial pressures stifling creativity
  • Restricted access to culture
  • Demand for social change, diversity and inclusion

With the arrival of Covid-19 and the re-ignition of global movements for social change such as BLM, each of these was only further emphasised, taking on added significance and urgency for our target audience.


In light of the issues facing both youth and culture, we wanted to ensure we were doing what we could to support emerging creators by fuelling their resilience and sharing it with the world.

Leading with our purpose, we wanted to identify the next generation of cultural talent who embodied the Dr. Martens spirit, working collaboratively with them to push things forward and tackle the obstacles they faced.

In doing so, we would be able to engage our culture hungry audience with fresh perspectives and aspirational cultural content that aligned with both their beliefs and their passions.


Dr. Martens Presents

Dr. Martens Presents is the brand’s ongoing culture platform, delivering brand purpose through a long running series of meaningful artist partnerships.

At its core, it exists to provide much needed support for the new generation of creators. Ensuring the brand shows its understanding and authentic alignment with diverse subcultures, the platform features regular collaborations with exciting new grassroots creatives and their collectives across a range of genres and creative disciplines.

Working to an open brief, Dr. Martens Presents gives these artists the opportunity to share their identity, realise their ambitions and promote their culture while also raising awareness for local subculture causes.

To date, we’ve worked with an array of innovative, emerging talent and their networks, including: Shygirl, Arlo Parks, Clyde Built Radio, Bobby Vylan, Gemma Dunleavy and Girls in Film.

Activations have ranged from live gigs, exhibitions and local radio launches, to making and marketing EPs, music videos, zines and short films. In the wake of Covid-19, we turned to innovative remote capture content solutions and multi-cam live streams to ensure support was still provided against the odds.

Each of these collaborations is documented through narrative content that showcases the artist’s identity, their world and the creative community around them. We work closely with each artist to ensure the content feels true to their culture, from working with their collaborators to inviting them to capture content themselves. Each project sees us spend time with both the artist and their community, ensuring we paint a true picture of who they are and what they stand for. Through mixed media, camera capture and post work, we have created a series of films that authentically represents each artist while being unmistakably Dr. Martens.

These unique stories are then told far and wide via Dr. Martens owned channels and powerful, cultural partnerships with leading platforms like The Face and Crack Magazine.