Cannes Lions Beach 2022

Amplify + Pinterest create a format breaking experience on the beach at Cannes Lions, showing the world how it’s different on Pinterest…


At one of the most important festivals of creativity in the world, Pinterest asked Amplify to show their audience how they were different.


Cannes Lions is full of networking, lectures, talking and Q&As, not much doing. So we asked ourselves, at a festival of creativity, why aren’t people getting more creative?


We wanted to create a space that was different. A space people could try something new and actually get creative. We wanted to create a space that stood out from the marquees that lined the beach and celebrated creativity.


Amplify created an oasis for Pinterest on the beach at Cannes Lions. A safe and positive space to rejuvenate, get inspired and get creative.

When guests arrived they were greeted with a reminder of why the internet can be such an anxious environment. People walked through a tunnel filled with the words of the saboteurs that can fill their heads when online, accompanied by a soundscape that placed people in the chaos the internet creates. This was a reminder of why there needs to be different spaces online that are positive, support users and celebrate creativity.

As our guests emerged from their internet anxiety they were greeted by a bright bold statement. Our Pinterest oasis courtyard with sea views that clearly signposted how ‘it’s different here’. As people walked into the space they were surrounded by activity. The space was alive with energy.

Surrounding our courtyard oasis were a series of activations, each highlighting what makes Pinterest different. The Pinterest Parlour allowed people to get a makeover based on Pinterest Predicts trends from 2022. Get Rebel Cut hair styling, a Nailscape manicure or a real micro tattoo all from world renowned Pinterest Creators. Then you could immerse yourself in inspiration with the Idea Pin Studio. This was a space to surround yourself with Idea Pins that you could instantly tap into (literally), or take part in a workshop. From customising your own sneakers with Frankie Zombie to donning a blindfold and taking part in some blind drawing classes. These were spaces where you could try something new. In a positive environment.

Guests could then head over to the Gifting Gallery to find the perfect gift for the people they love. As gifting is one of the top reasons people use Pinterest, the space celebrated how specific you could get when finding the perfect thing for the people closest to you.

On the decking and pier that overlooked the beach we created rooms Pinterest could invite people for meetings and private social events. Spaces for Pinterest to entertain and host everyone from global brand leaders to creators. These rooms created a private environment while connecting the guest to the surrounding beauty by using natural materials inside and perforated metal walls. The exterior of these rooms became a canvas for the bold and totally unique look and feel of the space.

The space and programming Amplify created all came together to create a totally unique space on the beach in Cannes. Sat alongside the giants of the tech world Pinterest stood out as different. It became a hub of creativity and energy making it the place to be during Cannes Lions 2022.