4DFWD Global Launch Experience

Amplify create a 4D experience fit to launch the new adidas 4DFWD running shoe...


Adidas faced a welcome problem. Their 4D range of footwear had become a staple for the hype crowd due to its aesthetic appeal but wasn’t considered a credible running shoe, despite its innovative design. With more people taking up running during the lockdown, adidas wanted to shift the perception of 4D technology and help runners understand the performance benefits of adidas 4DFWD - their most advanced running shoe to date.

The launch also landed amid the pandemic, presenting us with a global audience tired of video calls and presentations on-screen delivering information but not much in the way of experience.


Stand out: Our audience of press and media were suffering from over-exposure to screen-based experiences. To cut through the noise, we needed to go beyond the standard online launch format.

Be human: The pandemic had forced people into greater tech dependency. There was an increasing awareness that technology designed to bring us together can often have the opposite effect. In turn, this had created a desire for technology that provided a real human connection.

Innovation with purpose: For our Running Enthusiast, innovation needs to solve a pain point and provide clear benefits that link to performance. For the wider audience, innovation should break down information and make performance exciting.


Take a technical innovation story and translate it into tangible, human benefit.

Create a digital experience that gives the audience the ability to control how they engage and interact.

Enable audiences to feel and experience how the product provides a more efficient running experience, all through the concept of forward motion.

The Solution

4DFWD Global Launch Experience

A 4D product requires a 4D launch experience... With the pandemic and restrictions in place in the majority of regions, a launch that would normally take place in person had to move online. We wanted to turn this from a problem into an opportunity and use the full functionality that an online launch would provide.

Ahead, to add a moment of tactile interaction, alongside the product we sent the press an example of the 3D printed sole material, allowing them to feel the responsiveness in their hand, alongside the online experience.

The digital launch itself was a narrative-led, fully interactive mix of video, CGI and 3D exploration combined into one seamless editorial canvas. This allowed us to tell the story of the product, but also have the users interact with the science and innovation behind it.

Together, these elements combined to create the truly interactive engaging experience that was vital to cut through the sea of online launches that press and media were faced with at the height of the pandemic and to re-establish adidas 4DFWD at the heart of the running community.