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Why its time to break the format of event sponsorship?

Key cultural moments in our calendars are now formed around events, from the Superbowl to Coachella, these mass gatherings provide the perfect opportunity to connect with consumers who you’ll know a few things about. But even armed with the knowledge of their approximate age, favourite sport, fashion sense and music taste brands still struggle to build a deeper connection around events. A crowded marketplace coupled with an impersonal approach is no longer good enough.

Brands shouldn’t focus on the execution but challenge themselves to understand the community and the landscape, and take a step back to think about what the audience really needs.

Amplify is lucky to work with some of the most forward-thinking, innovative brands globally and known for being both progressive and a leader in our industry. As we continue to pioneer 'breaking formats' it got us thinking and talking about 'building worlds' and 'creating culture' that lives beyond individual campaigns or sponsorship platforms.

Throughout our work, we draw as much influence from the culture and creative communities as we do from pioneering brands. Whether they are local or global, to be discovered or already iconic, we believe they lead the charge and can share valuable lessons for brands beginning or already established on their journeys.

Things you need to consider when it comes to crafting an event sponsorship activation in order to form those deeper connections audiences crave

  • The power of having brand protagonists
  • How to build brand equity through sponsorship
  • Giving back to culture, and the benefits to your brand
  • How to act with authenticity
  • How to build brand destinations for a more connected story
  • How stories can be placed at the centre of brand worlds
  • How to enable a sense of ownership and co-creation with fans
  • How to create consistency and form a space for co-creation
  • How to reimagine media formats to tell better stories and build connected narratives across platforms