Whilst it might be a plane or train that takes you to your holiday destination, Trippin is the vehicle powering travel that empowers armchair travellers and nomads alike.

Words by Seun Areoye,
Trends Editor, Amplify.

The 360 degree media platform,co-founded by Kesang Ball, enables travellers to get
underneath the cultural belly of a destination whilstconsciously travelling. Its touchpoints span digital and physical realms, with a truly global community that resides in over 100 countries.

Petri dish to platform

Trippin is one big collaborative project. Nothing we do is without the help of our community
and everything we do is with our community in mind. It’s amazing to think that Trippin began as a Facebook group, a petri dish for ideas. And we’ve kept that two-way feeling
about the platform, putting those who have helped us build this platform at the forefront of how we operate. To our most recognisable essence, collaboration is the blood that pumps through it. Our travel guide is powered by local (emphasis on local) tastemakers that know the best spots in their home cities, which means we’re able to provide a rich perspective of a city. When you pick your holiday destination – or perhaps before – you can take Ladipoe’s advice on Lagos, or Benji B’s favourite places to eat in London.

Travel is such a vast thing, we’re just here to satisfy that thirst for a multi-sensory adventure.

The double-edged sword

We can’t talk about how great travel is without speaking about the drawbacks it has, as all
good things do. – like anything good. I genuinely believe travelling is the greatest thing to do, but it also does damage to the planet and the people of our planet. With a history of colonial influence on travel, conscious travel is super important for us. We’re all aware of
the high level of emissions created from travel and we’re also encouraging and pushing
large travel bodies and governments to look at innovative ways to reduce those figures and put them into law so action can be taken.

That’s why for us, travelling and discovery doesn’t always have to be to an exotic location
that’s seven hours away – it could begin in the city you’re already in. With experts filling us in constantly, we’re sure there’s something special we can show you about your city and we know how important it is to bring the fun back to travelling locally, too.

Shifting the Gaze

Authenticity is so important. The travel industry has capitalised on often inaccurate
tropes, passport privilege and inequality for too long. We want to be part of the force pushing to level that playing field. There are so many places that are culturally plentiful but fall victim to the expectation of tourists who are encouraged to visit the same places, eat the same foods, and see the same things. We’re trying to empower the thriving of local cultures, passing back authority to communities so they can honestly and accurately represent themselves and their city and disrupt the colonial roots that travel is sometimes limited by.

Pick your vehicle

Because Trippin is a vehicle for travellers of all kinds, we’re not limited to physical travel and are inspired by those who want to learn and widen their horizons. Whether you get lost in our resource space or escape to another time through music we share, we’re here to push the notion that travel is the portal to open your mind.

As a bit of a fashionista myself, fashion is so important to me as a vehicle – it allows me to express who I am, my values, my style. It drives so much deeper than just physical garments on our bodies. Patagonia is a perfect example of how fashion brands can use their presence to not only create sustainable clothing but, also, provide information and resources to those with aligning values. We really resonate with that at Trippin.

The best part of the journey happens after it’s over

The best part of the journey happens Now stick with me on this one: the most beautiful thing about travel is how it’s able to widen your peripheral vision, heighten your senses and create connections with people who can help discover who you are. A lot of this comes whilst the trip is over but still marinating in your mind, informing your choices and tastes on a wider spectrum. It sounds really obvious, but the more you travel the more you begin to make sense of the world around you. With the privilege of being able to do that, not just personally but through all of the people we collaborate with, we want Trippin to be a guiding light on your way.

But sometimes, just sometimes, don’t forget to switch off, open your mind and follow your instinct. That can be when the most magical moments happen after it’s over