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The year ahead for experience: US

Amplify’s executive vice-president of live, Bonnie O’Hara considers the marketing landscape in the US for 2022 and beyond...

Much like the rest of the world, the marketing landscape in the US in 2022 is unpredictable but ultimately one of opportunity - at least for those willing to embrace the uncertainty of change. What we do know is that the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic have changed the course of the future in ways still to be defined, and it will be interesting to see how brands contribute to this current global reset in 2022. Shifting consumer perspectives, attitudes and behaviours brought on by the harsh realities of the pandemic are calling for a more civic and transparent approach to marketing as people reassess what matters most to them.

Post-pandemic priorities for brands

There is little desire to return to ‘normality’, especially amongst a disenfranchised youth, many of whom are viewing this as an opportunity to reframe and decentralise antiquated socio-economical systems that are not set up to best serve them. With systemic change slow and trust in governments at an all time low, brands are increasingly stepping in where governments are failing, and we will see more of this purpose over profit trend in 2022 as businesses shift focus to prioritise growth and life time value through trust, transparency and inclusivity - or risk being cancelled altogether.

A year of experimentation

Against the backdrop of the well documented dissenting perspectives, divisions and mistrust that are rife in the US, there has never been a more important time to provide youth with a more community centric version of the future. There are promising opportunities at the intersection of demographic, economic, and technological developments that both brands and consumers alike will be able to leverage in 2022 and beyond, none with more potential than Web 3.0. Arts becoming cultural technology provides an opportunity for brands and agencies to reframe strategy and inspire innovation amongst both their peers and their audiences. Like the birth of any new technology in its infancy, the space is relatively primitive but will underlie a wealth of innovation in coming years, with 2022 marking a chaotic but collaborative year of experimentation and co-creation.

On a macro level, US brands need to humanise to capitalise in 2022. To leverage culture, creativity, empathy and relatable storytelling to build trust and illustrate to their pandemic weary communities that they can provide real value, and more than that, the hope of better things to come.

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