Sonos Teams Up with Creative Agency Amplify, for Global Launch of ‘Frisson Trigger’

Sonos and Amplify create ground-breaking music experience, engineered to give you goosebumps

Published by: RoastBrief
Date: 26/07/2023

Sound experience leader, Sonos, has teamed up with global creative agency, Amplify and GRAMMY, Emmy® and ARIA-award winning producer Eric J Dubowsky to create an immersive listening experience so profound, it can literally give you goosebumps.

Tasked with bringing Sonos’ brand platform, “nothing feels like Sonos,” to life in Australia, Amplify’s creative team discovered the concept of ‘frisson’ – a territory that showcases immersive sound’s ability to evoke deep emotions and elicit physical sensations. In French, ‘frisson’ translates to ‘goosebumps.’

The result is ‘Frisson Trigger’, an original, innovative track composed and engineered to cause a psychophysiological response that can manifest as shivers, an elevated heart rate and dilated pupils, also known as ‘the chills’.

In a post-pandemic world as people continue to seek out awe-inspiring ways to satiate their emotional needs and sense of connection, the song ‘Frisson Trigger’ aims to showcase the profound and transformative impact of music on our emotions.

Written, produced, and mixed by Eric J, a GRAMMY, Emmy and ARIA award-winning engineer, producer and songwriter, the track was created using scientific research that pointed to certain compositional and sonic qualities being consistent ‘triggers’ of frisson.

The track further harnesses the full capabilities of Dolby Atmos and Sonos’ breakthrough spatial audio speaker Sonos Era 300, showcasing the limitless possibilities of spatial audio innovation.

Amplify, the global creative agency specialising in experience and culture, was responsible for the concept, overseeing the production of the track, online film content and the design and production of a launch event that provided Australian media and music industry personalities with the ultimate immersive listening experience of ‘Frisson Trigger’ on Sonos Era 300.

The event included a panel discussion between Eric J, music psychologist Dr. Solange Glasser from University of Melbourne and host Flex Mami and was attended by a variety of Australian music artists, including Mallrat, Illy, and Montaigne.

M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment PR has managed all earned media for the campaign.

Sonos Vice President for Marketing Communication Pete Pedersen said, “From the beginning, we recognised frisson as the ideal concept to establish Sonos’ presence in the market and create a cultural connection to music. Frisson is something most of us have felt without understanding how or why it happens, so it sparked an inspiring journey of discovery that builds on Sonos’ continual commitment to understanding the transformative power of sound. The creation of ‘Frisson Trigger’ underscores Sonos sound innovation with listening experiences that help people feel more from the music they love – we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world.”

Amplify Executive Creative Director Tim Baggott said, “We’re very grateful to have had the opportunity to bring art and science together to create an extraordinary, permanent cultural artifact in the form of ‘Frisson Trigger’. Developing this campaign with Sonos and Eric J was a truly fascinating experience and we commend the bravery of our Sonos client to pursue such an innovative, experimental idea. It feels like we’ve opened Pandora’s box with this one. There is so much more to explore.”

Eric J Dubowsky described the process as profound: “Creating ‘Frisson Trigger’ has allowed me to expand on an idea I’ve had in my mind for some time now. It’s always been something I’ve wanted to explore, and the process has been incredibly satisfying. It’s helped me realise that active listening and the frisson phenomenon is something I want to keep working on. It’s helped me realise that where music is concerned, there are still so many mysteries to uncover.”

‘Frisson Trigger’ by Eric J is out now on Apple Music. Best experienced in spatial audio on Sonos Era 300.

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