Predictions 2024: Ed Hallam on How AI will shape 2024

Ed Hallam, Creative Diretor at Amplify, talks to Adland about how AI will shape trends in 2024.

Written by: Ed Hallam
Published by: Media Shotz
Date: 08/12/2023

How will AI shape 2024?

“In the world of generative AI we’ll see more progress with moving image and video content generation, platforms like RunwayML and the latest tease for Pika’s release show off how powerful it’ll become.

“This will usher in a new wave of storytelling and leave us questioning reality.

“This content will bleed into social media and we’ll see how content creators will pioneer and change the discourse from ‘AI will take our jobs’ to exploring innovative and playful ways that AI can allow us to express ourselves and share stories.

“I’m excited about the power of AI for musicians, I believe we won’t just see AI that generates content, but also how it can become a powerful tool to help mediate and deliver the vision of an artist and help to hone their craft.

“Whether that’s from songwriting like Google’s TextFX, through to ways for audiences in live music venues to listen and experience your music like Holoplot.

“We’re in the honeymoon period with AI tools disrupting the market, there will likely be regulation and legal restrictions put in place and 2023-2024 may be remembered as a time when we were living in the generative wild wild west.

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