Lego DreamZzz Big
With 3D Billboards
Where Fantasy Enters
the Real World

The anamorphic 3D ads reflect the plot of a new YouTube series

Published by: AdWeek
Date: 18/05/2023

Lego DreamZzz, the latest TV series based on the classic toys, follows a group of kids who discover that they can journey into the dream world. The company is promoting the show’s May 15 launch with a multimedia campaign meant to capture the same sense of wonder.

The Lego Group’s internal creative agency Our Lego Agency partnered with Amplify and Inertia Studios to develop 3D anamorphic billboards depicting characters from the series emerging from doorways that open to shining golden portals.

The giant flying owl cat Zian stretches its wings in London’s Piccadilly Circus; a car zips around before turning into a crocodile in New York’s Times Square; and the green slime Z-Blob snacks on a slice of pizza in Shinjuku, Tokyo. All three animations end with the characters breaking free of their billboards.

“The Lego DreamZzz show is an expansive fantasy IP, centered on a group of ordinary kids who discover that everything they have ever dreamed was real,” Our Lego Agency associate creative director Jon Wicks told Adweek.

“As the series progresses, we see the dream world start to infiltrate the waking world, and we used the bespoke billboards to bring these moments to life by staging a series of daring dream creature escapes across the globe.

“Using 3D anamorphic technology is the perfect medium to present the dream creatures in a way that feels real and open the possibility that there could be some truth to the fantasy.”

The narratives of the billboards connect to a host of other activity tied to the launch across Lego properties.

Kids can use the Lego Life app from May to August to earn rewards by finding dream creatures while exploring Lego stores and the company’s website. Legoland theme parks and discovery centers have added a new 4D film based on the show.

Lego DreamZzz will be on the cover of a special edition of Lego Life Magazine coming in July, which will contain a 16-page Lego DreamZzz comic. A dedicated bimonthly Lego DreamZzz magazine will launch later in the year.

“The campaign aims to drive excitement among kids and families for the new Lego DreamZzz series, and encourage them to dive into the wild new dream world through the Lego YouTube channel, streaming services and over TV channels now that the series has hit our screens,” Wick said.

“But the real measure of success will be empowering kids to dream big, and revel in the true force of their own imaginations.”

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