I Made This: bin there, done that

How a personal protest against single-vape stickers left on wheelie bins developed into a witty art project.

Written By: Ali Munro
Published by: Campaign
Date: 26/02/2024

I went viral after putting a poster on a bin. Here’s my story.

You might have noticed the tiny white stickers from single-use vape packaging appearing on the tops of bins across the country.

If you haven’t, take a look on your next stroll; overnight they’ve become as common a sight as pigeons and mullets.

Yet, no one seemed fussed or was addressing the issue aside from a couple posts on Reddit from the tokerati (see what I did there).

Single-use vapes are clearly a problem: almost eight million are purchased every week in the UK. They’re plastic, literally full of poison and now their packaging is occupying the sacrosanct British bin top.

There was clearly confusion about what the stickers even were – my mum thought apples were having a moment. Let alone the havoc being wreaked on the trypophobic.

I knew I had to step in and do something that both raised awareness and directly addressed the problem. “Mary has a litter plan” was born. I wanted to find a way to encourage vapers to dispose of their stickers responsibly, rather than sticking them on the bin.

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