Google Pixel pop-up explores the magic of photography

Google Pixel is inviting guests to explore the magic of photography in an immersive experience inspired by its Magic Eraser feature, which is available on the Google Pixel 6...

Published by: Campaign
Written by: Fayola, Douglas
Date: 17/05/2022

The experience is inspired by the Magic Eraser function on Google Pixel 6.

Magic Eraser allows photo takers to erase distractions, such as an accidental photobomber or an unappealing pylon, from a photo.

The "World of magic" is open for 10 days from 19 May at 55 Regent Street in London and will feature a series of "unforgettable moments".

Visitors can expect interactive installations, an "unexpected" photobooth and a chance to explore what's possible when photography merges magic.

Amplify is delivering the project.

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