Live sport at the crossroads: fan engagement in a post-Covid world

How will brands overcome social-distancing hurdles to continue to engage with fans around sport?...

Published on 10th July 2020.

Christophe Brumby, Creative Strategy Director at Amplify, shares his thoughts on a return to the stadium.

"Football is on! Cricket is on! Live sports are back… on TV, for now. As the government gave the go-ahead for competitive sports to resume last month, fans all over the country cheered and rejoiced. However, with matches still happening behind closed doors and with many pubs choosing not to show live sports, following the government’s advice to refrain from playing broadcasts that may encourage shouting, fans are left with very few options to watch the next big game – and so are the brands that want to engage with them.

The main opportunity for brands is therefore to create mobile and reactive satellite experiences that can be tactically deployed where live sports are being consumed right now (in betting shops, on-the-go on mobile and at home) and that can cater to individuals and small groups of people alike.

Out of home, that could mean activating audiences in collaboration with or in close proximity to high-street bookmakers to drive fan engagement as the action happens with an immersive, engaging experience like the Headmaster VR football game challenge we hosted for PlayStation at the UEFA Champions League Festival or the drinkable selfies we created for Lavazza at Wimbledon.

At home, it is all about delivering the ultimate takeaway experience (beyond food) that enhances or complements not only the traditional TV viewing experience but also the double-screening experience. Yamaha for instance have recently launched a Remote Cheerer app that allows fans following the match on TV or online to encourage – or berate – players via their phones, their voices reverberating around the stadium in real-time via loudspeakers."

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