BrewDog takes 'Punk State' experience on European tour

Craft brewer takes touring truck to European cities to promote Punk IPA...

Published on 26th June 2019.

BrewDog, the independent craft brewer, is on a tour of European cities to drive trials of Punk IPA and awareness of the brand among a more mainstream audience.

The "Punk state" truck will drive across cities including Barcelona and Hamburg, dropping off beer to consumers who engage with the hashtag #PunkState and tweet BrewDog to explain why they deserve free beer. The truck will also stop at city centres to form a self-declared "city-centre roadblock where bad beer is banished" and hand out free cans and bottles of Punk IPA.

The activation follows last year’s "Punk state" campaign delivered by Amplify. The truck will be upping its number of dates from nine in 2018 to 16 this year and will run until September.

BrewDog global head of marketing Sophie More commented: "This year, we wanted to dial 'Punk state' up to 11 and spread the craft-beer revolution across the UK and Europe. Amplify took a bold approach to disrupt cities, giving people an incredible experience and firing up passion for great craft beer."

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