Amplify Webinars 2020 - 21

Amplify Webinar Series

1 - Future Proofing Brand Experiences (March 2021)

2 - Future Proofing B2B Experiences (October 2020)

3 - Back To IRL (September 2020)

4 - Reimagining Live Experience through Content, Broadcast + Innovation (May 2020)

Future Proofing Brand Experiences

The past year has proved that brand experience must be an approach and a relationship, not just an activation or a tactical event. Brand experience’s focus should be creating big ideas and campaigns that can be amplified across multiple touch points and marketing channels. Seizing the positive, we firmly believe the pandemic is expediting changes long overdue in the world of brand experience ­– pushing creativity, innovation and integration harder than ever before.

Amplify works with some of the most innovative and progressive brands all over the world including adidas, Adobe, Amazon, BrewDog, Converse, Facebook and Smirnoff. We are known for being thought leaders in our industry and were determined 2020 would be no exception.

We helped clients, existing and new, navigate the challenges of the pandemic; always ensuring any marketing investment delivered long-term gain to evolve and future-proof their brands, not just create 'quick fixes'.

This session builds on previous webinars sharing the key principles we at Amplify have identified as most important for brands, as featured in Campaign's 'The Year Ahead for Experiences'. We match theory with concrete examples of work we believe pioneers and exemplifies this approach for brands including Dr. Martens, Google, YouTube and for one of the biggest global product launches of 2020 with PlayStation®5.

Future Proofing B2B Experiences

This pandemic has ripped up long established ways of doing things. It has challenged every marketer to find new approaches that allow them to continue to drive success for their brands and businesses.

In the world of B2B, when times are tough revenue driving understandably becomes the focus. The question is, in this event-free age of social distancing, how best can we tackle this challenge and continue to engage and convert new or existing customers and generate sales?

Without IRL events, from trade shows to expos, B2B marketers need to find solutions that can generate meaningful leads at scale. But this isn’t just an obstacle. It’s an opportunity to establish new rules of engagement that are effective now but also lay the groundwork for an uncertain future.

In this webinar we will explore the different challenges facing B2B marketers, unpacking ways in which they can reach and engage audiences through tiered broadcast and digital solutions fit for both now and whatever comes next.

Back To IRL

This session picks up from our previous webinar, 'Reimagining Experience through Content, Broadcast + Innovation' taking a practical and pragmatic look at the role of physical experiences.

We'll explore the constantly evolving consumer mindset and how that alters according to audience; by sector, scale, geographical location, B2B and B2C.

From a brand experience perspective, we'll explore how physical experiences can be designed, shaped and delivered as legislation and guidelines lift, being mindful of audiences’ concerns and comfort, always putting the health and safety of all involved first.

We'll show how campaigns and experiences can be designed to work harder and be amplified through broader channels and further integrated across the wider marketing mix. With events and experiences likely to be smaller and more controlled in the next few months, this puts the emphasis on our 'experienced by few, shared with many' approach.

Then we'll put this thinking into practice by working through a number of challenging scenarios and potential solutions – small through large – as restrictions begin to lift.

Finally we'll wrap the webinar up by looking at what we believe brand experience will look like in the 'new normal’, and why we think this expedites changes that were already happening – and needed to happen – in the brand experience world.

Reimagining Live Experience through Content, Broadcast + Innovation

With COVID-19 increasingly keeping us further apart, brands must innovate to navigate these uncertain times.

While it’s more important than ever to create engaging experiences, it’s not enough to simply connect.

In the current climate we will see a rise in new platforms and content-led approaches to marketing, but we must look beyond directly transferring physical experiences into the online world. The focus for brands needs to be around translating their live experiences into a content engine…

Never to shy away from a challenge, we’ve brought together some of our brightest minds and heads of their areas – Jeavon (creative), Alex (content), Sophy (strategy), Adam (broadcast) and Jamie (innovation) – working around the clock to translate live experiences into content engines for our clients.

And now we want to help inspire brands all over the world to blur the lines between what's physical and what lives through a screen.

Join us (virtually) to hear how we’ve reimagined brand experiences – virtual music festivals, hybrid live broadcast and film series, transforming video conferencing, building event apps, augmenting reality, and designing experiences that put your audiences in control from the comfort of their own home.