Amplify and Sonos host panel at SXSW Sydney

At the inaugural SXSW in Sydney, Sonos and Amplify hosted a panel - ‘Frisson: Why music gives you chills’

Published by: Amplify AUS
Date: 23/11/2023

The panel featured GRAMMY, Emmy® and ARIA-award winning producer Eric J Dubowsky, music psychologist Dr Solange Glasser, Sonos Director of Marketing for Global Growth Markets, Emma Levy and Tim Baggott, ECD at Amplify.

The discussion explored the psychophysiological phenomenon of frisson and uncovered how Eric J combined art, science, and Sonos spatial audio innovation to create a unique, immersive audio experience.

Tasked with bringing Sonos' brand platform, "Nothing feels like Sonos," to life in Australia, Amplify's creative team hit upon the phenomenon of “frisson”. Frisson is an emotional response to music that can evoke physical sensations such as shivers, goosebumps, and dilated pupils. Research has found that specific musical compositions and arrangements can trigger frisson.

As a leader in sound experience, Sonos worked with Amplify to explore how and why frisson occurs, collaborating with Eric J to create the song “Frisson Trigger. The track further harnesses the full capabilities of Dolby Atmos and Sonos’ breakthrough spatial audio speaker Sonos Era 300 to create a mesmerising soundscape that wraps the listener in music.

The team who featured on the SXSW® panel are the same team behind the making of Frisson Trigger.

“We’re incredibly excited to be a part of the first Sydney SXSW. The theme of our discussion was a perfect match for the festival, combining music, technology and innovation and I can’t wait to dive into the mysteries of the emotive power of music with our esteemed lineup of speakers."

Tim Baggott, Executive Creative Director, Amplify

Stretching far beyond a brand campaign, Frisson Trigger now stands as a permanent cultural artefact, inviting others to discover the intersection of art and science and pay attention to the impact music has on our emotions.