Ad of the Day:
Dreams spring to life
in Lego’s global 3D
billboard extravaganza

Fantastical creatures have popped up in three major cities to launch the toy maker’s new YouTube series titled ‘Dreamzzz’.

Published by: The Drum
Date: 18/05/2023

Lego is introducing a whole host of fantastical characters with anamorphic billboards at London’s Piccadilly Circus, New York’s Times Square and Shinjuku, Tokyo to push its new TV show. The various screens feature Zian the giant flying cat owl, the epic Crocodile Car and the green slimy sidekick Z-Blob.

Created by the brand’s in-house creative team Our Lego Agency (OLA), the project is in collaboration in partnership with Amplify and Inertia Studios.

“Lego Dreamzzz brings to life a wondrous world of imagination and creativity. The series explores what happens when dreams become real – and these incredible 3D billboards create that reality for kids across the world. We were really excited to see how we could use this amazing technology to tell a bigger story,” said Jon Wicks, associate creative director at OLA.

“We want children to feel empowered to create a world of their wildest dreams. As we launch our new series, these billboards are just the start of a major celebration of the power of dreaming and creativity.”

The content series launches with 10 episodes and various products that bring to life the diversity of kids’ dreams. It has been reported this week that the show has been picked up by Netflix in select regions.

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