Amplify + Dr Martens support grassroots artists

Content from activations will populate new online platform...

Published on October 30th 2019.

Dr Martens will be celebrating its 60th anniversary by working with pioneering and emerging artists, creators and collectives on a series of activations set to take place over the next six months.

Shygirl will be performing at the first event on 30 October in The Boot Room, Dr Martens' intimate space in its Camden store.

Each collaboration will be captured on film to build a content series that will look at each artist's creative process, community and culture. The series will be supported by a partnership with The Face.

The platform will then continue to grow, with further activations and collaborators yet to be announced.

Michael Boaler, UK and Ireland marketing manager at Dr Martens, said: "As we approach our 60th anniversary, what better way to celebrate the brand’s unique place in pop culture than building cultural content with grassroots artists that share and live our values?

"Throughout our working relationship, Amplify have consistently demonstrated their ability to take a brief, apply relevant consumer insight and turn it into action that ultimately builds stronger relationships with new and existing fans of Dr Martens as we look forward to the next 60 years."

Sophy Vanner-Critoph, strategy director at Amplify, which is delivering the project, said: "Dr Martens has been at the heart of subculture for six decades; a symbol of working-class pride and rebellious attitude worn by iconic artists. Leveraging this heritage is allowing the brand to authentically fuel a new generation of creativity from bold, pioneering artists, creators and collectives."

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