Sober Socialites + the End of Hedonism

Young Blood 2

We’ve been speaking to over 2,000 18-30 year olds, discussing what they think about the world and the formula for life and success that has been passed down to them. Following our 2016 research, Young Blood 2: The Formula is Fucked, explores how the current hostile political and economic climate has changed the way they view their lives.

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57% think Britain’s drinking culture is out of control

Britain’s drinking culture has always played a significant role in its identity, but with drinking on the decline, and general embarrassment about Britain’s reputation weighing on their minds, young people are changing what role alcohol plays in their lives. So, why are these young healthonists choosing a booze-lite life and quality over quantity?

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The UK, home to the ladette, booze Britain TV shows and an infamous reputation for binge drinking culture across Europe. But are our current generation of young people upholding this reputation? Or do they have a more discerning approach?

Young people today are drinking less than ever, showing a far more responsible attitude to alcohol. With the rise of healthionism, they are more likely to boast about how long it has been since they last drank over the last bender.

While young people are drinking less than any other age group, they prefer to drink more in a single session, staying sober the rest of the week as they don’t want to miss out on productivity time.

They are embarrassed by the ‘Brits abroad’ label, and while drinking is still part of their holiday experience, it’s not the reason for it. Their attitudes to travel are far more sophisticated, with cultural experiences, exclusivity and urban cool looking to lead the way.

Young people are looking at rebellion in a different way to their parents generation, prefering to change the status quo than to get off their heads.

Young people are also far more aware of mental health issues, and understand the link between substance abuse and depression and anxiety.

Enter the era of a new generation of young people seeking a more balanced and healthy body and mind.